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KnpBundles FAQ Scoring

Frequent answers to questions regarding bundle scoring issues

FAQ On Scoring Issues:

How does the site calculate the score?

It does by considering the following factors:

  • 1 point for each followers on GitHub. This is an indicator of the bundle's popularity in the community.
  • 5 points if your README is more than 300 characters long. Encourages maintainer to write a proper README.
  • 5 points if you use Travis CI, since it means you have a running test suite.
  • 5 more points if your Travis CI build status is actually ok ;)
  • 5 points if you provide a Composer package.
  • 5 points per person recommending the bundle on KnpBundles.
  • Small boost (the actual formula is (30 - days) / 5) for bundles with commits in the past 30 days. Active bundles get more points, but not much to avoid spoiling stable bundles.

For more details on the items above please refer to the remaining answers.

Why my bundle is not ranking higher?

Along the months or years now it has been realized that tuning and coming with the right metrics for the Symfony2 bundle ecosystem is not an easy thing.

The metrics and its threshold values are evolving with the feedback of users and daily monitoring experience. Remember each day metrics change so they are dynamic, sometimes we have to wait for the numbers to show up, sometimes we have misunderstood the metric. Metrics are defined to display preference and usage so you can take a well informed decision. Of course this should be just one metric to ponder among others.

What is the minimum score your bundle needs to have before it is regarded as trendy?

Currently a bundle is considered trendy at a given time if the change in its score becomes greater than 25 points between consecutive inspections.

How often a score is updated? What is the time between consecutive inspections?

Our system currently is monitoring bundles more than once a day, and scores could be updated even withing few hours.

Will points be given for failed travis builds?

There will be no points awarded for failed travis builds.

If you think we missed something important, don't hesitate to open an issue and tell us!