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A Symfony2 bundle to use the CssToInlineStyles converter by Tijs Verkoyen


ToInlineStyleEmailBundle is a Symfony2 bundle to use the CssToInlineStyles translator by Tijs Verkoyen (see for the repository)


ToInlineStyleEmailBundle is only supported on PHP 5.3.3 and up.


Please, use the Composer to install this bundle in your Symfony2 app.

The following lines should be added in your composer.json

"require": {
    "robertotru/to-inline-style-email-bundle": "dev-master"

Then, register the bundle in your AppKernel by adding the following line:

new RobertoTru\ToInlineStyleEmailBundle\RobertoTruToInlineStyleEmailBundle(),

Documentation and Examples

The bundle provides a service named css_to_inline_email_converter. Use it in a controller to have a nice shortcut to the
converter developed by Tijs Verkoyen. E.g.:

public function indexAction() {
 $converter = $this->get('css_to_inline_email_converter');

Get the HTML and the CSS as a string and set this required values to the converter object, e.g.

$converter = $this->get('css_to_inline_email_converter');

$html = ...; // get the HTML here
$css = ....; // get the CSS here


The retrieval of the HTML and CSS files from its folder it is only up-to you. E.g. in your controller retrieve the content of your CSS as:


Of course, it is supposed that a Symfony user will use a template instead of a static HTML page. Hence,
for convenience, the service provides a function capable to render a template. E.g.:

   array('param_1'=>$val_of_param_1, ..., 'param_n'=>$val_of_param_n));

The preceding function must be used in vece of function setHTML().

You can use inline css directly in Twig template:

{% inlinecss '/css/email.css' %}
<div class="foo">
{% endinlinecss %}

Paths relative to bundle are supported as well:

{% inlinecss '@AppBundle/Resources/css/email.css' %}
<div class="foo">
{% endinlinecss %}

Read the docs in the files for further details on the usage of the service.


ToInlineStyleEmailBundle is an open source project, under MIT license. Contributions are encouraged.
Feel free to contribute to improve this bundle.

About the author of the bundle

ToInlineStyleEmailBundle has been originally developed by Roberto Trunfio. Currently, the bundle is mantained by Daniel Richter.