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by Sylius

[READ-ONLY] Subtree split of the Sylius core - please see "Sylius" repository.

SyliusCoreBundle Build status...

Sylius core bundle. It integrates all other bundles into complete ecommerce solution for Symfony2.


Sylius - Modern ecommerce for Symfony2. Visit

phpspec examples

$ composer install
$ bin/phpspec run -f pretty


Documentation is available on


All informations about contributing to Sylius can be found on this page.

Mailing lists


Questions? Feel free to ask on users mailing list.


To contribute and develop this bundle, use the developers mailing list.

Sylius twitter account

If you want to keep up with updates, follow the official Sylius account on twitter.

Bug tracking

This bundle uses GitHub issues.
If you have found bug, please create an issue.


Releases will be numbered with the format major.minor.patch.

And constructed with the following guidelines.

  • Breaking backwards compatibility bumps the major.
  • New additions without breaking backwards compatibility bumps the minor.
  • Bug fixes and misc changes bump the patch.

For more information on SemVer, please visit website.

This versioning method is same for all Sylius bundles and applications.

MIT License

License can be found here.


The bundle was originally created by Paweł Jędrzejewski.
See the list of contributors.

driver: ~ # Required
model: Sylius\Component\Core\Model\User
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
form: Sylius\Bundle\CoreBundle\Form\Type\UserType
model: Sylius\Component\Core\Model\UserOAuth
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
model: Sylius\Component\Core\Model\Group
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
form: Sylius\Bundle\CoreBundle\Form\Type\GroupType
model: Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\BlockBundle\Doctrine\Phpcr\SimpleBlock
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
form: Sylius\Bundle\CoreBundle\Form\Type\BlockType
model: Symfony\Cmf\Bundle\ContentBundle\Doctrine\Phpcr\StaticContent
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
form: Sylius\Bundle\CoreBundle\Form\Type\PageType
model: Sylius\Component\Core\Model\ProductVariantImage
controller: Sylius\Bundle\ResourceBundle\Controller\ResourceController
enabled: false
sender_name: webmaster
enabled: true
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Email:orderConfirmation.html.twig
address: ~ # Required
sender_name: ~ # Required
enabled: true
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Email:customerWelcome.html.twig
address: ~ # Required
sender_name: ~ # Required

# Limit the number of routes that are fetched when getting a collection, set to false to disable the limit.
route_collection_limit: 0

# Regular expression filter which is used to skip the Sylius dynamic router for any request URI that matches.

# Classes for which routes should be generated.
routing: # Required

# Prototype

# Field representing the URI path.
field: ~ # Required

# Prefix applied to all routes.

# Defaults to add to the generated route.
defaults: [] # Required

# Templates used for steps in the checkout flow process
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Checkout/Step:security.html.twig
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Checkout/Step:addressing.html.twig
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Checkout/Step:shipping.html.twig
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Checkout/Step:payment.html.twig
template: SyliusWebBundle:Frontend/Checkout/Step:finalize.html.twig
  • Don't use deprecated `getRequest()` method in flow, fetch it from flow context
    By stloyd, 2 years ago
  • Merge pull request #2580 from winzou/fix/repository
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Merge pull request #2573 from winzou/winzou-patch-1
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Leftjoin because order.user can be null
    By winzou, 2 years ago
  • Use LocaleContext in MoneyHelper
    By winzou, 2 years ago
  • Remove hardcoded table name
    By winzou, 2 years ago
  • Merge pull request #2384 from formapro-forks/configure-payments-in-backend-v2
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • [CoreBundle] OAuth provider should call parent class instead of direct assign
    By stloyd, 2 years ago
  • [Translation][ORM][Repository] reduce numbers of executed queries.
    By Aitboudad, 2 years ago
  • update payum up to 0.14
    By makasim, 2 years ago
  • [ContentBundle] Adding the publishing feature (CMF publish workflow)
    By psyray, 2 years ago
  • Set default driver in bundle configuration
    By mtthb, 2 years ago
  • Assign administrator role dynamically
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Do not load all permissions before every scenario
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Add toggleable authorization checker for test env
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Fix scenarios and add missing inventory menu
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Fix contexts and menus, add missing permissions
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Initial Hierarchical Role Based Access Control (HRBAC)
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • [Core] added correct form type for product translations to config
    By , 2 years ago
  • added MongoDB Translation support
    By ivannis, 2 years ago
  • Merge pull request #2422 from Zales0123/sylius-report-bundle
    By pjedrzejewski, 2 years ago
  • Remove csrf token disable from config, it is handled by ResourceController
    By michalmarcinkowski, 2 years ago
  • Move data fetcher form types to CoreBundle. Some fixes after rebase.
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • Correct serializer for taxons and taxonomies, add ROLE_API to admins
    By michalmarcinkowski, 2 years ago
  • aestethic change + orderRepository changed to orderRepositoryInterface
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • Semantic and aesthetic changes after PR - v.1
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • aestethic changes
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • cs-fix
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • Moving data fetchers to core bundle
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago
  • Some aesthetic, semantic and structural changes.
    By Zales0123, 2 years ago